I'll be with Beth Wood for an interview and in-store performance in support of the release of the Nasty Woman single. We'll be joined by the always perfect Paul Brainard

Monday, OCT 9th, 7PM

MUSIC MILLENNIUM: 3158 E Burnside Street, PDX, Oregon


Nasty Woman press release:
NASTY WOMAN SONG RELEASE: Portland Musicians Sing Together for Change
Music That Trumpets Female Strength and Raises Money for Planned Parenthood

PORTLAND, OR – August 16, 2017. Left Coast Soul Songstress, Ara Lee and Beth Wood have written an anthem for our time, standing up to the current administration, trumpeting female power and raising money for Planned Parenthood all at the same time…and you can help. On Saturday, Oct 14 at the Old Church, ten musicians will gather to perform a show to share this song with the world and raise money for Planned Parenthood, acause that has become synonymous with female rights. 

The song was born from the fury caused by the infamous statement Donald Trump made about then presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in the fall debates, calling her a “Nasty Woman,” judging women with strength and the audacity to speak their minds. This disgusted many people including miss Lee, who decided to use the single as a fundraiser for her local chapter of Planned Parenthood. The project clearly hit a nerve, as over 20 local musicians participated in the recording of this song, all donating their time and talents for the cause. 

The show on October 14th, hosted by Planned Parenthood Columbia Willamette, will be the release of the single along with the official music video for the song. Ara Lee and Beth Wood will be joined by many of the artists who played on the recording including Marilyn Keller, Sarah Clarke (Dirty Revival), Bre Gregg, Shelly Rudolph, Paul Brainard, Dan Gildea, Steven Skolnik, and more. “Nasty Woman” will be available for purchase in October with 100% of the profits from each download going directly to Planned Parenthood Columbia Willamette.